Silver Bengal Cat Pregnancy Guide – Symptoms and Caring

Silver Bengal Cat Pregnancy Guide - Symptoms and Caring

Pregnancies in silver Bengal cats may be somewhat covert; thus, learning this information could come as a surprise. The mother’s health, the number of kittens she is carrying, and her general physical state are some variables that can determine how long a cat remains pregnant.

In this blog post, we will go over some additional caring factors during Silver Bengal cat pregnancy and the average gestation period in general.

Silver Bengal Cat Pregnancy Timeline

Like most domestic cat breeds, Bengal cats have an average gestation period of 63 to 65 days. It is crucial to remember that pregnancy duration varies from cat to cat and can even be influenced by the mother’s health and the number of kittens she carries.

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Calculating Your Silver Bengal Cat Pregnancy Due Date

Here is the equation that will enable you to record each week of your cat’s pregnancy:

Cat due date = Mating date + 63 days

As you can see, figuring out your Bengal cat’s due date is relatively easy. However, remember that Mother Nature is not quite as precise as your calculations; your cat’s healthy due date ranges from 58 to 71 days after mating.

Heat Cycle of Bengal Cat

Bengal females undergo a longer, more intense heat cycle than most other breeds, draining much of their energy. They are also more susceptible to developing pyometra, a uterine infection if they undergo numerous heat cycles without reproducing.

When given a chance to breed a Bengal, it is significantly more compassionate than to keep one suffering through multiple heat cycles because of the intense nature of the Bengal heat cycle and the health risk of pyometra; when ovulation or pregnancy results from breeding, a Bengal’s heat cycle is often milder and shorter—2–5 days—instead of lasting 5–9 days and producing more distressing symptoms. Also Read, UTI in Silver Bengal Cats – Symptoms, Causes and Prevention.

How long are Bengal cats pregnant?

Usually, a Bengal cat’s pregnancy lasts for almost 63 days. This period may change slightly depending on your Bengal’s physical activity and the diet you give her.

Examining The Pregnancy Of A Silver Bengal Cat

How to tell if a cat is pregnant or fat? The answer to this question can be found even if you cannot immediately see your vet. Our experts have jolted down some tested DIY methods that we can employ when tracking a cat’s pregnancy day by day:

1. Observing Enlarged Belly

Your Bengal cat’s belly will swell after two to three weeks of pregnancy, and it will also start to gain weight—possibly an additional 2 kg.

2. Missing Heat

A healthy female Bengal cat experiences the heat every two to three weeks, a time of enhanced fertility. If you are reasonably familiar with her behavior, you can calculate how many of the heats your cat has already missed.

3. Examining Cat’s Nipples

Within the first 15 to 18 days of pregnancy, your Bengal cat’s nipples will swell up and appear red or black. They’ll also be more visible than usual.

how to tell if a cat is pregnant or fat

Bengal Cat Pregnancy Signs

There are several signs that a Bengal cat may be pregnant, including

  • A swollen or enlarged abdomen
  • Behavioral changes, such as increased hunger or lethargy
  • Nipples appear enlarged. In some cases, the color of their nipples might remain the same
  • Morning sickness or vomiting
  • Weight gain
Did you know? Usually, you can tell if a Bengal cat is expecting by feeling her belly for tiny lumps or bumps or by noticing alterations in her behavior and appetite.

Diet of a Pregnant Bengal Cat

What you ought to feed your Bengal during her pregnancy will be revealed to you in great detail by your veterinarian. Most veterinarians advise maintaining them on high-quality cat food during the first trimester and gradually transitioning them to high-quality kitten food by the final week.

Your cat will benefit from the enhanced protein content and other essential nutrients included in kitten food during the later stages of pregnancy and when nursing kittens. To prevent them from reacting poorly to abrupt changes in food, it’s crucial to switch them gradually. Also Read, Can a Silver Bengal Cat Eat Raw Food?.

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Caring Tips During Pregnancy 

The first thing to do if you think your Bengal cat might be pregnant is to have a veterinarian confirm it. Once a pregnancy has been confirmed, you can do some critical things to protect your cat and her kittens’ health and welfare. These consist of:

  • Giving your Bengal cat a nourishing and balanced diet will help her and the developing fetuses. For pregnant cats, your vet can suggest a healthy diet.
  • Ensuring that your Bengal cat has access to plenty of clean water.
  • Provide your Bengal cat with a sanitary, peaceful, and cozy birthing location. This location should be secure and secluded from loud noises and other disruptions. Remember that most cats prefer a quiet place during their pregnancy.
  • Look closely for any issues in your Bengal cat, such as excessive vaginal discharge. 
  • Before the kittens arrive, assemble the essential supplies, such as a heating pad, towels, and a clean litter box.
Did you know? Usually, a Bengal cat’s pregnancy lasts 63 to 65 days.

Myths About Silver Bengal’s Pregnancy

  • An expectant silver Bengal cat needs to eat for two.
  • During pregnancy, a silver Bengal cat’s nipples will change hue.
  • Any stage of pregnancy can be safely used to spay a pregnant silver Bengal cat.
  • A home pregnancy test can successfully identify a silver Bengal cat’s pregnancy
  • Any vaccinations or medications shouldn’t be given to a pregnant silver Bengal cat
  • Although a pregnant Bengal cat needs a healthy diet, overeating can result in obesity and other health issues for the mother and the kittens.
  • The color of a Bengal cat’s nipples typically doesn’t vary much during pregnancy, despite the possibility that they may become more noticeable
  • It is advised to fix a pregnant Bengal before the second trimester to prevent complications, as doing so can be risky.
  • It is best to confirm pregnancy through a veterinarian because at-home pregnancy tests for silver Bengal cats are not always reliable.
  • Although some shots and medications might be safe for pregnant silver Bengal cats, it is crucial to speak with a vet before beginning any treatment.

Pregnant Cat Behavior Checklist

  • May become more vocal
  • Restlessness
  • Seeking attention
  • Searches for a comfortable place to give birth
  • Increased appetite
  • Licking the abdominal area

Postnatal Care

Keeping a close eye on your Silver Bengal cat and her young after birth is crucial to ensure they are all healthy and happy. If you can, keep your distance from your cat so she can get used to being a mother. Your Bengal cat will naturally supply everything her babies require. Following your Bengal cat’s delivery, you must:

  1. Warm up the space she and her kittens are in and see that their bedding is kept tidy and dry.
  2. Do not let the family members continue to bother her in the room they are in or in the surrounding area.
  3. Observe them from a safe distance to ensure that the kittens are eating
  4. Do not let other animals around your cat or her kittens.
  5. Check if the kittens are eating; this should happen immediately after birth. After 30 minutes, if they haven’t started, gently assist them.

Healthy pregnancy foods

  • Chicken that has been cooked is a great source of protein for cats that are expecting. Before serving, it must be boiled or baked and cut into small pieces.
  • Fish that has been cooked is a fantastic source of protein and can be given to pregnant Bengals in moderation. Make sure the fish is boneless and fully cooked.
  • Cooked brown rice can be given to pregnant cats in moderation and is a good source of carbohydrates.
  • Cooked vegetables can give pregnant cats the vitamins and minerals they need. Examples include carrots, green beans, and peas. Before serving, they must be cooked until soft and divided into small pieces.
  • Pregnant Bengals cats can be given small amounts of cottage cheese, which is a good source of protein.
  • Cooked beef is a good addition to a pregnant cat’s diet because it is high in protein. Before serving, it must be thoroughly cooked and divided into small pieces.
  • Eggs. provided they are fully cooked, cooked eggs are a good source of protein and are safe to give to pregnant Bengals.
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Allowing Your Bengal Cat Outdoor After Birth

Your Bengal cat probably won’t want to leave the newborn kittens alone for the first week since they must be fed every two to three hours. She must remain near them since they rely on her for warmth and security.

At all costs, avoid letting your Bengal cat outside until the newborn kittens are 8 weeks old. This is because a healthy Bengal cat can go into heat once every two weeks, not when their owners want them to become pregnant while still caring for their young..

Did you know?

At around four weeks of age, Bengal kittens can begin eating solid food, but they should continue to have access to their mother’s milk or a milk substitute until they are completely weaned.

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Summing It Up!

Every cat is different and requires different care and attention during her pregnancy. A veterinarian should always be consulted for specific advice and direction.

Caring for a pregnant Bengal cat takes patience, focus, and commitment, but the benefits of welcoming a litter of healthy kittens into the world are well worth the effort. You may assist in ensuring a positive outcome for your cat and her kittens by giving her the appropriate attention and support during her pregnancy.


A healthy Bengal can become pregnant again just a few weeks after giving birth; spaying is essential to avoid unintended pregnancies.

During pregnancy, the kittens inside your cat’s womb press on its bladder, which results in your pregnant cat peeing everywhere or more than usual.

Yes, a Bengal cat can become pregnant while still caring for kittens, so keeping her away from male cats until she’s been spayed is crucial.

Wait until they are 8 to 10 weeks old before taking them away from their mother.

A pregnant cat’s belly appears bigger than halfway from the neck to the tail. From the side, pregnant cats look a bit arched with a round, bulging tummy. If she is overweight, a cat will be chubby all over, including the neck and legs.

Spaying a pregnant cat as soon as possible is recommended, ideally before three months.

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