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Welcome to My Silver Bengal Cat. We are a team of passionate cat lovers dedicated to providing accurate and helpful information about Silver Bengal Cats. Our team is composed of highly knowledgeable individuals, including several members who hold PhDs in related cat care and behavior fields. In addition to our academic experts, we also have experienced Silver Bengal Cat owners who bring practical knowledge and firsthand experience to the blog. Together, our team offers a wealth of knowledge and expertise on all aspects of Silver Bengal Cat care and behavior.

Our goal is to create a community of Silver Bengal Cat enthusiasts where we can share our knowledge and experiences with others who love these fantastic cats. We believe every Silver Bengal Cat deserves to be loved and cared for. We want to inspire and educate our readers to become better pet owners.

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The Cat Lovers Behind

My Silver Bengal Cat

Dr.-Sienna-Murphy Owner of Silver Bengal Cat

Dr. Sienna Murphy

 Dr. Sienna Murphy, Ph.D. in Animal Behavior and Welfare from Queen’s University, Belfast, is an animal rights activist and researcher. With a focus on the welfare implications of keeping Silver Bengal cats as pets, Dr. Murphy’s expertise includes confinement, socialization, and exercise. Additionally, her experience in animal behavior and psychology allows her to contribute valuable insights into Silver Bengal cats’ play behavior, communication, and cognition.

Dr. Claire Rotunda

 Dr. Claire Rotunda

Dr. Claire Rotunda is a veterinarian based in Birmingham, specializing in Bengal cats, with over 15 years of experience. Dr. Rotunda is particularly interested in Silver Bengal cats’ health and behavior. Her research focuses on the evolutionary history and ecology of the Bengal cat breed, including their wild ancestry, role in local ecosystems, and conservation status. Her expertise in veterinary science makes her an invaluable contributor to the blog.

Karen Lee is an expert author in My Silver Bengal Cat

Karen Lee

 Karen Lee is an animal rights activist, a Silver Bengal cat owner, and an enthusiast with over eight years of experience. Ms. Lee’s experience owning Silver Bengals makes her an authority on the ethical considerations surrounding their breeding, treatment, and ownership. She also offers valuable insights into responsible cat ownership. In addition, Ms. Lee runs a small animal rights organization in Manchester that arranges awareness seminars on animal rights.

Steve Buck expert breeder of silver bengal cat

 Steve Buck

Steve Buck, based in Essex, England, is a breeder of Silver Bengal cats with over a decade of experience. As an authority on the genetics and history of the Bengal breed, Mr. Buck’s expertise includes the origins of the Silver Bengal, choosing a healthy kitten, and best breeding practices. His experience and breed knowledge make him a valuable resource for those interested in owning or producing Silver Bengal cats.