Can Silver Bengal Cat Eat Raw Food? Explore Pros & Cons

Can a Silver Bengal Cat Eat Raw Food

Raw food diets have long been the subject of discussion among the owners of Silver Bengal cats. New owners are often found asking. ‘Can Silver Bengal cat eat raw food?’ While some think, feeding Bengals cats raw meat and other animal items is healthier and more natural, others warn that doing so can be risky and may not give them the balanced nutrition they require.

In this blog, we’ll look into whether Silver Bengal Cats eat raw food, a proper feeding chart, and expert advice on how to feed your cat a nutritious diet.

Overview of Cat Raw Food Diet

Because of their significantly high adoption cost, owners remain careful about what to feed Bengal cats. Giving a cat raw food diet necessitates uncooked animal organs, muscle, and bone meat. Another name for this diet is BARF diet, which stands for “bones and raw food” or “biologically-appropriate raw food”. In this kind of food, an exact recipe is followed to make the ideal raw kitten diet.

Because it is more similar to the diet that cats would have in the wild, supporters of this diet claim that it is healthier and more natural for cats. However, there is no scientific proof to support this assertion, and many vets and animal specialists advise against feeding cats a raw diet.

Ingredients of Raw Diet

It would be best if you worked with a specialist to create a balanced, comprehensive, healthy diet for your Bengal cat. A raw food diet may contain the following ingredients:

  • Raw meat like lamb, chicken, beef or turkey.
  • Raw organs, such as the liver, kidney, or heart
  • Unprocessed bones, such as chicken necks or wings
  • Raw vegetables, such as broccoli, carrots, or spinach
  • Supplements, such as vitamins or minerals
  • Additives, such as probiotics or enzymes
how much raw food to feed cat

Is Cat Raw Food Diet Complete & Balanced?

The phrase “complete and balanced” is undoubtedly a phrase pet parents who are familiar with nutrition product labels have encountered before. This word denotes that the product satisfies the necessary nutrient inclusion for a specific animal’s life stage, as established by AAFCO.

This non-profit organization sets standards for the safety of animal feed sold in the market in collaboration with animal nutritionists. Owners can also try a partial raw diet for cats to ensure complete and balanced nutrition. It is frequently necessary to utilize a vitamin pack or nutritional supplement.

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Advantages of Raw Food for Bengal Cats

The following are a few potential benefits of feeding Bengal cats a raw diet:

  • Because raw diets use entire, unprocessed ingredients, they may be more nutrient-dense than some processed commercial cat feeds.
  • Given that conventional cat foods frequently contain fillers, artificial preservatives, and other potentially difficult-to-digest components, raw diets may be easier for certain cats to digest.
  • In cats, raw meals may sustain a healthy weight and preserve lean muscle mass.
  • Your Bengal cat’s general health and well-being, including the condition of their skin and coat, teeth, and immune system, may be enhanced by feeding them a raw diet.

Do Silver Bengal Cat Eat Raw Food?

what do bengal cats eat

Generally, feeding raw food to cats—including silver Bengal cats—is not advised. Due to their biological need for specific nutrients that are predominantly present in meat, Bengal cats are obligate carnivores.

However, feeding a cat only raw meat can be harmful because it does not give them the balanced nutrition they require. It’s crucial to provide cats with a balanced, comprehensive diet that contains a range of nutrients from various sources. This can be accomplished by either providing a homemade diet under the direction of a veterinarian or by using commercial cat food created to satisfy a cat’s nutritional demands.

Common Misconceptions About Raw Food For Bengal Cats

  • The idea that raw diets are free of pathogens and dangerous microorganisms is a widespread myth. In actuality, dangerous germs and other infections that might sicken your Bengal cat can be found in raw meat and other animal products.
  • There is no scientific foundation for the notion that feeding cats raw food is healthier or more natural.
  • Another myth holds that Bengal cats can more easily digest uncooked food. They can still experience digestive problems on a raw diet even though they have shorter, more acidic digestive systems than humans. A raw diet is not always the best option for your Bengal cat.

Safety Measures for Feeding Raw Meat

Take specific precautions to safeguard your Bengal cat’s health and stop the spread of dangerous bacteria and other diseases if you’re thinking of giving it a raw diet. Some safety precautions to take into account are:

1. Consult your vet

A veterinarian should always be consulted before making dietary adjustments for your cat. The information below can be very helpful for Bengal cat owners who want to contemplate feeding their pets raw food.

2. Handling Raw Meat

Your cat could become ill from dangerous germs and other diseases found in raw meat and other animal products. Handling raw meat carefully is crucial to prevent contamination of other objects or meals. After handling raw meat, thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water. You should also clean and sanitize any surfaces it comes in touch with.

3. Checking on Health

It’s crucial to keep a close eye on your cat’s health after switching to a raw diet and look out for any changes or symptoms of sickness. Stop giving the raw diet to your cat if it displays any symptoms of illness, such as vomiting, diarrhea, or loss of appetite. Instead, speak with your veterinarian for guidance.

4. Food Storage

To stop the growth of dangerous bacteria, raw meat should be kept in a refrigerator or freezer at the proper temperature. Avoid letting raw meat sit at room temperature for prolonged periods, as it will quickly become thawed.

5. Food Quality

The raw meat and other ingredients you chose for your cat’s diet should be of the highest quality and come from reliable sources. Raw meat that is past its expiration date or that has a strong odor should not be used.

6. Feeding Place

Feed your Bengal cat at a spot that is simple to clean (away from carpet or furniture). Don’t forget to sanitize the food bowls immediately.

7. ‘Bones’ of Contention

When it comes to raw food diets, bones pose a safety risk. Complications, including gastrointestinal obstructions, mouth injuries, and airway obstructions, can result from small entire bones or bits of bones. If your cat eats raw food, animal bones should be properly crushed before adding them to the diet.

raw feeding cats guide

Raw Feeding Cats Guide

1Fish or chicken bonesCan cause damage to the esophagus, stomach, as well as intestinal blockage.
2Pork, lamb, poultry: goose, duck, (except chicken)High fat content and difficult to digest. They can cause worm infestation and infectious diseases.
3Fried, spicy, pickled, smoked, or canned foods that are spicy.Can cause indigestion and poor metabolism. Also results in poor appearance of your Bengal cat. Sausages are a good example in this regard.
4Sugar, chocolate, cakes, candy and other sweetsCan disturb metabolism, cause dullness of fur and tooth decay. Chocolates contain theobromine, which is strictly prohibited for cats.
5PotatoesBengal Cats have trouble digesting potatoes because they are nutrient-void (having no nutritional value).
6Beans (soy, peas, kidney beans)Can cause intestinal fermentation and bloating. They are also hard to digest
7Salt and spicesThese are good for nothing and sometimes harmful for your cat.
8Medications formulated for humans, including vitaminsSynthetic vitamins are not suited for cats due to their unique metabolism. Although these vitamins may be beneficial for humans, they are not so healthy for cats.
Feeding Chart for Silver Bengal Cat

Required Equipment for Preparing Raw Meat

There are specific tools that can be useful in preparing and preserving the food if you’re thinking of feeding your cat a raw diet. You could require the following gear:

  • A good knife to use to chop the meat into bite-sized pieces.
  • Cutting board for the meat preparation
  • Freezer or refrigerator to securely store the raw meat
  • A bag or container for food storage that will keep the prepared meat fresh
  • Scale for measuring the ideal portion of meat for each meal
  • Use measuring cups or spoons to measure out any supplements or additives that might be added to the meat.

In order to stop the transmission of bacteria, it’s crucial to make sure that all surfaces and tools used to cook raw meat are sanitized and clean.

cat raw food diet

Commercial Raw Food

Try one of the many commercial raw diets available if you can’t spare the time to create recipes and prepare raw food at home. Supporters of the raw diet frequently believe that homemade raw diets are superior to commercial ones. They are said to be healthier than feeding kibble, though.

To prevent pathogens, commercial raw diets are typically frozen or freeze-dried. Remember that these diets still require safe handling practices to avoid cross-contamination. Also Read, Flowers Which Are Not Good For Silver Bengal Cat.


It can be hard to raise a Bengal kitten. Because of this, offering the proper Bengal cat nutrition and lifestyle your cat deserves requires an awareness of Bengal breeding history. 

Therefore, it’s crucial to seek advice from a vet or a knowledgeable raw diet supplier to ensure the diet is suitable for your cat and satisfies all of its dietary requirements. Your Silver Bengal cat will live a long, healthy, and happy life if you feed them a high-quality, species-appropriate diet.


Bengal cats can eat a raw diet, packed food as well as some of the things humans normally eat like sweets and other treats. There are several ways to prepare homemade food for them.

Always feed raw food in a balanced proportion. Feeding more than the required amount can upset your cat’s stomach.

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