How To Keep Your Silver Bengal Cat Off Your Furniture | 10 Effective Ways

Keep Your Silver Bengal Cats Off Furniture

Silver Bengal cats have a charming appearance, it’s important to remember that they possess sharp claws that can cause damage to your furniture. While owning a Silver Bengal cat can be a delightful experience, you must know how to keep your Silver Bengal cats off furniture to avoid damage.

Therefore, to protect your expensive couches, beds, tables, and other furniture free from cat hair, scratches, and claw marks, it’s crucial to train your Silver Bengal cat from getting on the furniture. This article covers a range of techniques that can be implemented to achieve this goal. By teaching your cats to stay away from furniture, you can enjoy the company of your pets without worrying about the damage they may cause

10 effective ways to Keep Your Silver Bengal Cats Off Furniture

1. Feeding Etiquette

Feeding Etiquette

It’s strongly advised against feeding your Silver Bengal cat on furniture. Given their expensive cost, owners may be too friendly with them, but at the end of the day, they are cats who must be watchful of their new surroundings.

Hence new owners wonder how to stop a cat from scratching walls & furniture. This happens when they are fed on the furniture which gives them the impression that food and furniture go together, which is the opposite of what you want to happen. Additionally, it’s advised never to leave food on couches, sofas, or tables.

Also, Read about; Silver Bengal Cat Feeding Guidelines.

Did you know? Because of their fondness for the water, silver Bengal cats adore playing in fountains, sinks, and even swimming pools.

2.      Double-Sided Sticky Tape

how to keep cats from scratching leather furniture

These tapes should only be applied to non-fabric surfaces. Double-sided adhesive tape can be used in stripes or criss cross designs on coffee tables, mantels, and kitchen countertops. Your Bengal cat is likely to stay off that furniture if it notices its feet becoming sticky after jumping. These tapes have the advantage of being simple to use and quick to remove without leaving stains.

3.      Moving Furniture

Sometimes, the simplest solution will work. Due to their rarity and high level of intelligence, Silver Bengal cats may occasionally draw toward a specific piece of furniture that it considers “their comfort zone.” 

This can be a result of direct sunshine hitting that area. In this situation, consider where it is; try shifting it there or putting up some shades to block the sun. The bed for your cat can be placed in a location with sunshine.

Did you know? Bengal cats are adept climbers and have a strong prey drive. They have a genealogy of capturing mice, birds, and other small animals.

4.      Using spray

Commercial repellent sprays are yet another choice for Bengal cat owners. Spray a commercial cat repellent on a couch or chair if you want your silver Bengal cat to stay off it. Their benefit is that commercial sprays contain fragrances and oils that deter cats from furniture without harming them.

A spray should constantly be tested on a tiny, inconspicuous furniture area first. Make sure the surface isn’t damaged in any way. When utilizing a spray bottle, it’s critical to adhere to the instructions on the bottle precisely. Additionally, look for the can’s expiration date.

Did you know? Because of their wild ancestry, Bengal cats cannot be owned in certain Canadian provinces like British Columbia and Alberta.

5.      Cat Perches and Scratching Post

how to protect leather couch from scratches

A scratching post is a need if you have an indoor cat because this technique has been very effective. Silver Bengal cats often climb up on pieces of furniture to scratch themselves against objects they find interesting. To climb and scratch safely, your Bengal cat should have some sort of cat scratching post or wooden cat furniture.

6.      Tinfoil Covering

Silver Bengal cats avoid slippery areas. Line the furniture with tinfoil if it is not in use. Your cat won’t jump on the table since it won’t like sliding around. This method’s drawback is that it only works for small pieces of furniture, not larger ones.

7.      Built-In Punishment

This treatment works well on Bengal cats. Leave something on the furniture to startle your cat rather than discipline it when it climbs on the table. Letting cats learn a lesson independently instead of punishing or yelling at them works like a charm.

Place some thin cookie sheets around the edge of the couch as a ruse; when your cat leaps up, it will land on the trays and be startled. This may eventually deter your cat from climbing up on furniture.

Did you know? Due to their agility, Bengal cats need exercising on a daily basis.

8.      Toys for Cats

why do cats scratch walls

Given their agility, Silver Bengal cats can be destructive in addition to being loving and fun animals. Buying toys for your Bengal cat is arguably the most accessible cure. In addition to helping your cat stay off the furniture, toys keep it occupied while you are away or hosting guests. 

Play with your cat often, and give them toys to chase and bat around since they enjoy playing and attention. Also, Read Bathing Your Silver Bengal Cat.

9.      Plastic Floor Mats

When not in use, furniture can be covered with plastic floor mats that have been turned upside down. Small bumps on floor mats’ bottoms annoy a cat’s feet. Although they won’t hurt cats, these knobs will be unpleasant enough that your cat won’t try to climb over furniture.

10.  Motion-Activated Noisemaker

how to stop a cat from scratching walls

Place the noise maker close to any furniture you don’t want your cat to use. The noisemaker will generate an unpleasant, high-pitched sound when your cat climbs on the furniture. As soon as it detects a cat within 10 meters of the table, this device can start to create noise. Remember that this method is not the most cost-efficient one; try the remedies mentioned above if you’re on a tight budget.

Final Thoughts

The furniture in your home is where you spend the most time unwinding, more so than any other area. To prevent your cat from scratching the table, ensure they have lots of fun.

All the remedies mentioned above are safely tested and have met success. Hence, one of the choices above should work in most situations. However, because each cat is unique, no one tactic will be effective for all of them.


Provide your cat with several reliable scratching posts and boards. Put them in a strategic location close to the walls that they tend to scratch.

Yes, it is a safe method, but keep an eye on the expiry date of the spray.

Cats naturally have the urge to scratch to mark their territory and maintain the health of their claws. They might use furniture or other household items as scratching surfaces if they don’t have access to proper ones.

Regular cat claw trimming can help to prevent furniture scratching, but it must be done gently and with care to protect your cat from injury.

You can simply protect your leather couches from scratches by placing protective sheets on them.

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