9 Ways to Exercise Your Silver Bengal Cat

9 ways to exercise your silver bengal cat

Let’s uncover 9 ways to exercise your Silver Bengal cat. As we know, the Bengals are known to be challenging to train. Unlike dogs, cats do not obey their owners as easily and often become inactive. If your Silver Bengal is not getting enough exercise, it may become overweight or even develop cardiac issues.

That’s why combining a healthy diet with regular exercise is important to keep your cat lean and healthy. This blog will explain simple and effective 9 ways to exercise your Silver Bengal cat.

Ways to Exercise your Silver Bengal Cat

Below we’ve discuss 9 ways to exercise your Silver Bengal cat to keep your cat healthy and energetic.

Bengal Cat Exercise Schedule

Before learning about exercises, it is essential to have a schedule in which exercise is to take place. Exercise your silver Bengal Cat at the times of day when they are most active, like dawn and dusk. 

You can schedule playtime around their meals to make it even more engaging. Sessions should be short, with 10-15 minutes being ideal. For best results, have two or three short sessions each day.

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Leash Training

The first and easiest way is leash training. Like every other cat breed, your Bengal cat loves going for a walk with you around the neighborhood. All you have to do is walk your Bengal cat using a leash.

The only challenge in this activity is convincing your cat to leave the home. There will be no hassle once you two are out, as Bengal cats love company. They are known for their dynamic behavior.

Before going for a walk, make sure your cat is wearing a harness; this ensures its safety and prevents it from running away from you. Over time, your cat will become comfortable with the harness and may no longer need it, especially if it is an intelligent Silver Bengal cat.

Some important things to remember in this regard are:

  • Avoid taking your cat for a walk on bare sidewalks in the hot weather –  your Bengals cat’s delicate paws may not want to be there in the first place.
  • Pick a location with pure air and minimal noise. Going somewhere with loud music or other unpleasant sounds could scare your cat.
  • Avoid going into enclosed spaces when you first become a cat owner and are unfamiliar with your cat’s habits.
  • When you first get a Bengal cat, keep kids away from it when you are out for a stroll. Their claws are so keen that they can tear the skin.
  • Please don’t allow your cat to consume any food remnants, dead animals, edible objects, or other items it finds lying down. It could dangerously jeopardize the health of your cat.
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Cat Exercise Wheel – A Fun Way To Exercise Your Bengal Cat

Giving your Silver Bengal cat access to a cat exercise wheel is one way to exercise them. This enables them to run and play naturally, encouraging physical activity and mental stimulation.

You can easily make it at your home – get a sizable wheel, construct a circular PVC frame inside, attach it to a sturdy base, and gradually introduce it to your cat as a homemade cat exercise wheel. They can run around and play on this, which keeps them active and mentally engaged.

Finding Food

If you’re looking for an entertaining way to engage your Bengal cat, try this! Divide their meal into three or four bowls and place them throughout the house, such as on counters or perches. 

This exercise will encourage them to get up and move. You can also spice things up by adding special treats, like sweets. This activity will keep your cat’s spirits high and boost their eagerness and productivity.

Consider the following point if you decide to go with this exercise.

  • Give your Bengal cat a walk around where you hide food items for them.
  • Remove any hurdles that might come with your cat finding its food.
  • Only feed your cat after it finds all the food items.
  • Avoid repeating the same flavor; use a combination of sweet and salty food items.
  • If you have kids below 5, ensure to hide cat food (if you’re using it) in places kids can’t reach.
  • The food included in this exercise must be chosen based on the temperature and surroundings – hiding frozen food is not a good idea because it quickly becomes soggy, and your cat may not even touch it.
  • It will become usual for them to search for their food dishes. They receive their meal and exercise.
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DIY Toys

You have many materials around your house that can create homemade cat toys. These inexpensive, creative ways to occupy your cat often outperform anything you can buy in a store. 

In addition to keeping your Bengal cat busy, these toys are enjoyable to make on the weekends. We have put together some ideas; try making any of these simple DIY cat toys at home.

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Cardboard Boxes

These are a part of every household. Why not give them to your cat to play with first before throwing them away? A fantastic way for your Bengal cat to exercise is to put a toy inside a box. You may also arrange the boxes on various levels to provide some jumping.

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Toilet paper rolls

Toilet paper rolls are another option for you to try. Roll it across the floor and use it as a toy for your cat. Because cats like to chew and rip up cardboard, presumably you won’t even need to tweak the roll. You can always increase the difficulty level for your Bengal cat by inserting some catnip and folding the ends closed.

 Yarn Ball

Real love exists between cats and yarn balls. You may safely assume that your Bengal cat is no different. You will notice when a ball rolls across the floor or a strand of yarn comes loose, your cat switches into full-on predator mode.

It could believe that yarn is made of snakes, which would explain why they would want to harm it. So, if you’re looking for a cheap toy to keep your Bengal entertained, a ball of yarn is a no-brainer.. Also Read about Characteristics of the Silver Bengal Cat.

Cat Tree

This is the most time-consuming project, but rest assured, it is the most fun activity for both you and your pet. You can make a DIY cat tree if you feel adventurous. You’ll need to buy the materials for this one, but you might already have some items for this project lying around the house, such as a basket, rope, and cardboard boxes. 

Additionally, you will require particular instruments, such as a hammer, a table saw, and a stapler. However, enjoy getting your hands dirty and working on a project. This activity could be enjoyable for you and your cat, who will appreciate having their cat tree!

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Cat Wand

It’s a toy that’s made to seem like fluttering prey in real life, giving your cat a more realistic flying experience. It is simple to make by tying two bells to the end of a long piece of twine and then securely wrapping the string around the feathers’ quills. Close to the knot, cut the twine’s short end. Apply glue to the outside of the quill stems with a glue gun, then wound the twine up the shafts, gluing it down as you go. 

Now for the enjoyable part, gather colorful objects like bells, feathers, and fabric scraps to hang from the end of the wand – tying them to the string’s end, you can get them ready for playtime. Dangle the toy in front of your pet and watch them go bonkers. Read more why cat wands are magical.

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Exercise is essential for silver Bengal cats to remain healthy and happy. All cats need timely physical activity to stay healthy.

The techniques discussed in this blog are straightforward and efficient to exercise your silver Bengal cat. A healthy diet and exercise can keep your Bengal cat away from most health issues, resulting in a happier cat and a healthier life.


This depends on your cat’s breed and physique. For instance, the Bengal breed is naturally lean and needs moderate exercise.

A cat exercise wheel is a safe and fun way to exercise your cat.

A cat exercise wheel training typically requires one to two sessions, depending on what you want your cat to learn.

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